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My name is Katie Alford, a 3d Environment Artist with a love for computer games, especially RPGs. I am currently enrolled at Teesside University on the MA Computer Games Art (environment) route.

Links to my most recent projects can be found below and more are on display in the Recent Projects Section. New work is added all the time so please feel free to check back regularly for updates.


This model was created as a coursework piece. The emphasis was on creating an artistic and atmospheric piece, just as a single rendered image, rather than a 3d interactive environment.
Click on image for further details.

This piece of artwork is formed from both 2d and 3d elements. Created as a coursework piece, it is one of five illustrations of scenes from my completed fanatasy novel. The other illustrations can be found in the 2d Art section, and renders of the 3d backgrounds are in the recent projects section .