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Short Stories to Read
The Windswept Cherry Tree The Windswept Cherry Tree

A short story set in ancient Japan.

Escaping his memories of war, a young man journeys deep into the Sekita Mountains. There he discovers a picturesque village along with a haunting tale of love loss.
Realm of the Drowned Realm of the Drowned

A journey to Ancient Egypt, the time of Gods and 

For revenge, a young scribe
awakens an ancient monster. Instead of killing the intended target the monster, Apep, sets forth to destroy the kingdom of Egypt. To right his wrong, the young scribe must journey through the underworld, ensure Apep's demise and find the Sun God Ra whose power of creation is Egypt's only hope.
A Creeping Corruption A Creeping Corruption

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. 

A unicorn, usually the purest of beasts, has been tainted, now spreading death and decay across the land. Sandwiched between the taint and the great sea, time is running out for Kyrine and her village. No human, alone, could hope to traverse the taint and reach the unicorn as just the lightest touch kills. Can she persuade the dragons to help and end the corruption before it's too late?