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Atlantis and the Game of Time Atlantis and the Game of Time

Project status - Complete and accepted for publication  due out in 2014.
Publisher -
Kristell Ink

A Steampunk novel following Professor Lokyne Iberis, of Atlantis' Department of Time Conservation, as he battles to keep history from being corrupted and overwritten, first by the exploits of his students and then a mysterious civilization that emerges centuries earlier that any known civilizations began.
The Veilless Sky The Veilless Sky

Project status - The first draft and first edit complete.

A Sci-fi Novel set in a world ravaged by a hundred years of drought. When Carn trips over a human's skeletal remains a struggle ensues to find a long lost military outpost. Following a trail of evidence he hopes to discover the device responsible for the endless drought and to restore clouds to sky so rain can fall again. But not everyone is set to benefit by his success.
The Hungering Shadows
The Hungering Shadows

Project status - First draft underway 60% complete.

Sceadwraiths, ghosts that feed and replicate by consuming human souls, have taken over most of the known world, pushing humanity back across the continent while killing all left behind. Left desperate, humanity gathered its strongest warriors and sent them out in a desprated attempt to halt the wraiths advance. The attempt failed and all perished, leaving just rumours of a pale skinned undead woman who could command the wraith. Hearing the rumours, Twyfel, half human, half wraith, believes the human's are finally out to get her. But is she really the enemy or is she humanity's final hope?
Kira and the Wings of the Golden Dawn Kira and the Wings of the golden Dawn

Project status - First draft underway 50% complete.

Found abandoned and brought up in the temple, Kira dreams of escaping to find her parents. After an escape attempt ends badly, she is told that the golden Spirit knows all and breaks into the sacred heart of temple to ask it where her parents are, but all she finds is a golden orb from which she hears the voice of a boy in pain. Touching the orb the boy is released, but turns out not to be a human boy by a Fayai, a race of golden winged people thought extinct. Is he the Golden Spirit or did something darker than extinction befall his race?