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Atlantis and the Game of Time

For over a hundred years Atlantis, a culture of academics, has ruled the flow of time. It’s only travellers, they sought to conserve its flow and research and document the many cultures that span it. During that time, the only ripples threatening disturbance were the mischievous pranks of a few rebellious teenagers. In particular, those of a Hayden Edward Lywen whose constant pranks kept the Department of Time Conservation or DTC in high anxiety as their overworked operative Professor Lokyne was forced to run back and forth through time, restoring the timeline again and again.

Tired and rundown by the constant battle with his students, little did Lokyne know that he would soon be yearning the simplicity of dealing with roudy teenagers as a threat soon emerged far beyond those he'd dealt with before.
A threat that would rewrite the whole of known history and plunge Atlantis into war, a war for which they were ill equiped and experienced. Can Atlantis find a way to fight back, in time to stop thier own culture being wiped from history or is a new era dawning, for all cultures eventually come to an end?