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While under four hundred years old, the city of Atlantis is know by all civilisations, if by differing names and myths. Atlantis started as a single domed sanctuary, a place for researchers to get away from it all and concentrate on their studies. The first city consisted of just the university and a few homes but soon expanded.

The modern city consists of three districts under three domes and is shaped like a crescent moon. On the right curve is the habitation district with towering apartment complexes and communal gardens. In the centre dome is the university fronted by the recreational district filled with shops, restaurants and entertainment units. And then on the left curve is the working district, containing the power station, social amenity headquarters and a large ship building yard. Right at the end of the curve is the main docks, the only of Atlantis' three docks to be able to accommodate a ship the size of the Sleipnir.
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The Eternal Library

The Eternal Library was set up back when Atlantis first discovered time travel. A copy of every historic book and research paper was placed within and then sealed in a bubble of sub-time cutting it off from any external influence and preserving history as they knew it.  These books are continuously being compared with those kept outside the barrier in an identical library in the Department of Time Conservation headquarters.

The Eternal Library is made up of three sections; the history section where all books relating to previous decades are stored, which is the largest section consisting of numerous branching corridors lined with books; the present section containing books from the current decade, a circular, double height room and the future section secured behind a steel door that only one person Skuld, the future archivist, is allowed access to. This is kept in case any future Atlantean's decide to interfere with Atlantis' present or past.  

The Sleipnir

Sigyn's pride and joy, and she really is very protective of it, God help any poor soul that damages it. The Sleipnir was built to replace the Fenrir, which met a rather unfortunate end, the causes are unknown. It is twice the size of any ship before it, both airship and submarine it can swap between traveling through sea and sky. It runs primarily on flywheels, with the shear amount of coal required for it to run solely on steam power too great to be transportable in a ship that needs to remain lightweight.

The ship has a thin, reinforced metal hull, due to it's need to travel underwater and is unable to carry much cargo due to weight restrictions and lack of space, as a large portion of the ship has to be  set aside for flooding to increase the weight and overcome the buoyancy of the helium. While the ship is powered primarily on flywheels, it does still have backup furnaces and enough coal to power the ship for one jump, in case of emergency. The smaller functions of the ship are steam powered and so at least one furnace is always in use.

The Sleipnir's ability to time jump is limited, depending on the amount of flywheel power remaining. The further back in time, the longer the aether drive, powering the time jump, needs to be active and the more power is used up. Therefore, the number of time jumps the ship can perform on a single charge can differ depending on the periods it visits. Short jumps can be performed in greater numbers but the initiation of the aether drive alone uses a vast reserve of power, so the jump limit rarely makes it into double figures. 

Due to its size, the Sleipnir uses a twelve rod aether drive, twice as many as it's predecessor. Time jumps are performed by evenly distributing aether energy across the ship's surface, the direction of flow controls the direction in time, forwards or backwards, whereas the speed and trajectory of the ship controls its movement through space, therefore where in the world it appears. It has a crew lounge, cramped sleeping quarters, a bridge and an engine and furnace room, along with a small hold.