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Atlantis and the Game of Time
Lokyne Professor Lokyne Iberis

A reformed teenage  prankster now all grown up and working as a
Professor of history and cultural research at Atlantis University. His not so secret job is working with the Department of Time Conservation, helping to straighten out any time changes caused through mischief or misadventure. Unfortunately for him, his job gets a little darker when a new civilisation decides to make problems.
Sigyn Sigyn (Sigourney) Nyend

Atlantis' best mechanic and self proclaimed safe guarder of Atlantis' largest and most powerful airship the Sleipnir. She is the only person who can regulate its twelve rod aether drive. She is also the only person who knows how to repair the Sleipnir's intricate mechanics, from it's aether drive and flywheel power system to it's steam powered ramps and submersion system. 

Hayden Edward Lywen (HEL)

Inspired by the tales of Lokyne's student pranks, now legends passed down through Atlantis Univerisity's student body, Hayden has taken it upon himself to revive those legends by adding to them himself. A scourge to the entire papal lineage, he has played eight pranks on popes, in just the first two years of his course, pranks which are getting successively more outragous. But despite his michievous streak, Hayden is a clever young man and a talented inventor. He can be a useful member of the team, until he gets bored.

Other Characters

Jon Mungandr - Lokyne's assistant. He's a very good note keeper...

Batur - Atlantis' only resident researcher who is trained in physical combat, collecting techniques from across history.

Chief of the Department of Time Conservation (Mr Geraint) - More the pretend leader of the Department of Time Conservation as he has little to no initiative and generally just does as Lokyne suggests. Time problems are not his forte. Drinking tea is his forte, or occasionally whiskey when the situation calls for something stronger.